About Us

Established in May 2006, SellBidandBuy is the Premier low cost online auction for the sale of goods and services by a diverse community of individuals and businesses. We are 100% Australian based and owned.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide a trading platform where practically anyone can trade practically anything.
Our Marketplace:
People may come to our marketplace to buy and sell items in hundreds of categories including antiques and art, books, business and industrial, cars and other vehicles, clothing and accessories, coins, collectibles, crafts, dolls and bears, electronics and computers, home furnishings, jewellery and watches, movies and DVDs. music, musical instruments, pottery and glass, real estate, sporting goods and memorabilia, stamps, tickets, toys and hobbies, and travel.
Members from all over the world may buy and sell on SellBidandBuy.
We offer a wide variety of features and services that enable members to buy and sell on the site quickly and conveniently. Buyers have the option to purchase items in auction-style format or items can be purchased at fixed price through Buy-Out.
Trust, Safety, and Privacy:
The key to our success is trust. Trust between the buyers and sellers who make up the SellBidandBuy community; and trust between the user and SellBidandBuy, the company. We go to great lengths to provide our users with a safe, person-to-person online trading experience.
To dispel hesitancy sometimes associated with Internet commerce, the site uses electronic information exchange exclusive to one-to-one trading - Feedback.
Through feedback users can submit comments about their dealings with one another. In addition, an in-house customer support team dedicated to providing, to the very best of our ability, a safe trading environment, and protecting the SellBidandBuy community against fraud.
We are able to do this thanks in large part to a dedicated team of customer support representatives. They provide 24-hour customer service seven days a week via email. Our unparalleled customer service department has its finger on the pulse of the online community with constant monitoring and communication with users.
In terms of online privacy, we protect consumer privacy on the Internet.
SellBidandBuy Community:
SellBidandBuy may become a part of our members' lifestyles. Many members may have created second businesses by selling items on our site. Some have moved their brick and mortar business to SellBidandBuy. For many of people, SellBidandBuy is the place to share a passion for items that are special or just to shop for practically anything on earth.
SellBidandBuy also encourages open and honest communication between the community and the company. Frequently, members of the community organize grassroots movements to improve the environment in which they work and shop.
If you're not already a member, we hope you'll join us. It's a great place to meet new friends, find the items you’re looking for and share your experiences.
SellBidandBuy, simply, is the home of a unique online community.